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A Special Message to BIBL Readers


I know it has been some time since I last posted, and I apologize for that. I have been crazy busy at work, which is a good thing.  In August I was staffed as a key team member on a high profile bankruptcy case and since then I have been working with attorneys I admire, gaining experience at a senior associate level in a field that is entirely new to me.  It’s been an eye opening experience. I will share more about it soon, so stay tuned.

Please know that no matter how busy I am at work, because it matters to me, I have continued to work on Break Into BigLaw (“BIBL”) related activities:

Over the last several months I have had the honor and privilege of presenting my story to pre-law and law students at colleges and law schools. I have met many of you personally at these live events, and I have been impressed by your professionalism, your drive and your commitment to making a positive impact through law and advocacy.  Many of you have reached out to me after the events, which I encourage, and I correspond with some of you on a regular basis as you progress on your path.

I have also met many people through the BIBL website who have written in with questions, or to share their stories about how they broke into a legal job they really wanted but were told they could never get because of their grades, or law school or background.

Each of you inspire me.  Please keep the questions coming and the dialogue going.

With all this in mind, and against the backdrop of the holidays, I will now up-the-ante on the BIBL blog and commit to more posts in the month of December and going forward.  Here is the plan:

At my live events and though the BIBL website, I receive questions that drive to the heart of the issues faced by people who are interested in a fulfilling career in law.  Over the next few weeks, I will post on the BIBL blog a series of those questions and my responses because I believe each of you will get something out of reading what others are going through, asking about, and achieving.

I also encourage everyone reading this to send me more questions and your stories (successes and failures), letting me know if it’s okay to share with the wider audience. Let’s work to build a community that gathers and shares honest and inspiring information that cuts through the negative narrative out there regarding law school, BigLaw, legal jobs and what it really means to be a lawyer today.

I am really excited to share what I have with you and to hear from you!  Email me through the BIBL blog, and please subscribe, if you haven’t already. Take care of yourselves,

Rachel Tessa Gezerseh


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