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BIBL Readers: Big Updates!

Good evening Break Into BigLaw (“BIBL”) readers. Those of you who have followed the Blog over the past year have undoubtedly noticed that as of last week, big changes are afoot.  The BIBL Blog is now morphing into a real website!  I’m really excited to be building something new for this community and I welcome your feedback and suggestions.

I am particularly thrilled about a new section of the BIBL Blog, called “BIBL Voices” where I will feature your stories, told in your words.  This will launch very soon. Many of you have already sent me written submissions and it is not too late to send me a proposed guest post if you would like to be included. This will be a great opportunity to get your voice heard. Posts should be 500-1000 words and based on your personal experience. Get in touch if you are interested.

Lastly, I have had the privilege lately to speak to several pre-law groups at various college campuses all over the country.  Usually at these events I share my story about how I had my son Cameron 8 weeks before taking the bar exam. Yeah, I know. Not my finest scheduling moment.  But, it all worked out fine in the end. I recently wrote about the experience for the ABA and several of you have asked me to share a link to that article, so here you go:

On having a baby, 8 weeks before taking the bar exam

One minor correction to the ABA article, my bar tutor, Steven Harris, took the bar 3 times, not 6.  He failed July 98, failed Feb. 99, took an exam off, and passed Feb. 2000. Sometimes I get a little excited in my recollection of things and don’t quite recall them right as in this instance, so I wanted to set that record straight. But there is nothing exaggerated in my praise for Steven. He is hands down the best bar tutor in the business and if you find yourself needing one, Steven should be your first call.

I will be in touch with more updates to the BIBL website and Blog, so please stay tuned.


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