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“11 Job Search Myths, Debunked By A Recruiter”

Some of the “Myths” listed in this Good.co article fall into the Duh category, but some I strongly agree with.  Take for example:

Job Search Myth #3: A cover letter isn’t necessary unless requested

Truth: A cover letter is a huge asset in your job search, and should always be included.

Over the years I have interviewed hundreds of law students and lateral candidates and very few have included cover letters with their application materials.  The folks who did stood out to me, especially when the letter included some interesting information about the candidate, above and beyond what was in the resume.  So I agree, it is important to take the extra step to include a cover letter when you are applying for a position at a BigLaw firm. It will set you apart.

On a cautionary note, if and when you are asked about why you wrote the letter or about what you wrote in it, please PLEASE don’t say “because it was required,” even if it was, or “I don’t remember,” even if you don’t.  I recently heard about a candidate who was asked these questions during an interview.   She responded that she couldn’t remember why she wrote the letter or what she had said in it, but guessed she wrote it because she had to.  Huh?!?!  If you are going to go the extra mile, please take care not to shoot yourself in the foot in the final stretch.

The rest of the Job Search Myths and recruiter’s response can be found here.  If you have thoughts about the list or an anecdote touching on any of them, we would love to hear from you:

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